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Zlatko Calusic (
12 Sep 1997 20:36:44 +0200

Kurt Huwig <> writes:

> Hello!
> is down. I put up a web-page, that contains some of the
> recent patches, beginning from September 2nd. This page will definetly be
> altered, but this is a start. You can find it at
> Under '2.1 Patches'.
> Hope this helps.
> Kurt
> P.S.: Looking throught the patches, I suggest a doping-test for Bill Hawes ;-)

Well, I wouldn't do that. Who knows what we could find. :)

Definitely, such great fixes, and so nicely commented, rarely seen in
the whole cyberspace, let alone The Linux Kernel.

Bill, thanks for your great improvement of my machine. It's faster
then ever, thanks to your inode patch!
I can't say I'm missing that hard drive sound telling me there's
so much to swap in 'n out.

Keep up the good work, and may the wisdom be always with you! :)

Also, I wish a good luck to you, Kurt. Another linuxhq is definitely
needed, and Linux Mama is surely going to succeed. I'm sincerely
hoping you will find the time needed to keep the archive fresh and


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