Fri, 12 Sep 1997 12:34:00 -0700

Every so often I get messages on my console saying:
tcp_do_sendmsg1: EPIPE dude

I'm using 2.1.29. I was going to upgrade to 2.1.47 and met the requirements for gcc ld libc etc, but never
upgraded the kernel itself. I'm not sure if this is a serious message. I have a P133 box (Dell) and besides
me using to fool around with, it's also doubling as a mail server....

To whoever was getting the tcpv4 bad checksum while using ppp, the code in drivers/net/ipv4/tcp.c (I think)
can be commented out (printk statement) and recompiled. I tried that and everything worked fine with no
annoying console msgs.. I was using 2.1.29 on that box at the time...
---Christopher Endsley
(415) 439-7370