Re: /proc/sys/net/* proliferation

David Fries (
Fri, 12 Sep 1997 12:16:50 -0500

On %M %N, Richard Gooch wrote
> Hi, all. I'll admit that it's very nice having runtime control over
> the various networking options, but one things that bothers me is that
> things which used to work suddenly stop working because the default is
> off. For example, running a bootp server under 2.0.30 worked fine, but
> when I booted 2.1.5[45] it stopped working and I got an error about
> martians invading. OK, so I read
> Documentation/networking/ip-sysctl.txt to see if there was something I
> should configure, and sure enough I found "ip_bootp_agent" is off by
> default. Enabling it worked fine.
> I've noticed the same thing for IP forwarding and SYN cookies.
> [clip]
> Is there a good reason why these options aren't enabled by default?

I agree. If you ask me, as long as it is compiled into the kernel it
should default to on. I mean they implicitly assume if it is compiled
into the kernel it should work. It took us a long time to figure out
why masquerading didn't work with the 2.1.x series kernels.

If you compile it in the kernel it should default to on, unless you
don't really want it, in that case look at the docs to turn it off not
the other way around is how I think it should work.

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