Re: 3rd party drivers: Was Re: Kernel Geeks Unite?

H. Peter Anvin (
12 Sep 1997 07:04:40 GMT

Followup to: <>
By author: Stephen Williams <>
In newsgroup:
> - Major number assignment. Seems like the assignment of major numbers should
> be a local problem, not a global one. Might I suggest that a range of numbers
> be set aside as "locally assigned" and let kerneld straighten it out. If the
> module always takes major_number=<foo> and I can set up the aliases
> in kerneld config files, major number assignment problems will go
> away. (Mass market devices can continue to use preassigned numbers.)

60-63, 120-127, 240-254.

If you pass "0" as the number to register_* you get assigned the
highest unused major. I still suggest getting preassigned numbers
from me.


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