2.0.31pre9: showstopper

Steve VanDevender (stevev@efn.org)
Thu, 11 Sep 1997 22:41:45 -0700

Chris Evans writes:
> Regrettably the squake segfault is still present in 2.0.31pre9. I would
> call this a showstopper. The program bombs out on startup. Unless,
> strangely, the machine is heavily loaded. This is repeatable. Also
> repeatably, squake (v1.1) works fine with 2.1.54, 2.1.48, and (I
> think)2.0.31pre2.
> This problem was reported around 2.0.31pre7 by myself, Michael J., and at
> least one other person. I can't ascertain what's going on; strace seems to
> indicate a couple of mprotect()'s are the last things done before death.
> Alas, I have no source with which to debug... ;-)
> Can others verify this nasty problem?

squake 1.07 doesn't fault. I play frequently, and I've been running
most of the 2.0.31pre kernels.

squake 1.1 will fault for me _if_ I don't give the -nosound switch.
That is, "squake" faults, but "squake -nosound" doesn't fault.

I usually run with -nosound, since my sound card isn't the kind with
mmapable DMA buffers.