Re: 2.0.29 and maximum number of user.

Oskar Pearson (
Thu, 11 Sep 1997 17:33:06 +0200


> Please suggest what patch should I apply to 2.0.29 kernel (since it is the
> most stable version as of today, any suggest for other version? :) At the
> moment I already apply Oscar & Michael's 3000fd patch and recompile libc
> (can this patch work without recompile libc?)
Firstly - it's Michael's patch, my header files :)

It does work without recompiling libc if you have a newish version
(I am running libc5.4.17). Note that I don't think that this patch
is needed... it increases the FD's per-process (ie if you were running
squid, which is one process with lots and lots of filehandles
in use), which you don't need... you probably only need to increase the overall
filehandles/inodes, which you can do by simply echoing values to /proc...

put this in your rc.local
#Increase systemwide filehandle max
/bin/echo 4096 >/proc/sys/kernel/file-max
#make sure that you increase these in the same ratio
/bin/echo 12288 > /proc/sys/kernel/inode-max

(I have had problems with the patch on our ftp server, which regularly
opens lots of files, but as far as I know it was because of something
else... I never tested it once it crashed :)
[root@ftp /]# cat /proc/sys/kernel/file-nr