Re: Checking if processor honours the WP ... Stops the computer

Martin Mares (
Thu, 11 Sep 1997 16:35:46 +0200


If you were experiencing some problems with the WP-bit test, could you try
this patch? This should show if the exception is ever generated or whether
it's only handled incorrectly.

Anyway, some people suggested using __put_user for this job, but it isn't
good, because:

(1) An "Exception ..." message would appear on the screen unless it
would be filtered out which adds one more test to the exception handler.

(2) The WP test function couldn't be a initfunc, because the address
in the exception fixup table would be placed incorrectly (unless we'd use
another section for fixups generated by initfuncs, which doesn't seem to be
a good thing as it's the only case where it would be needed).

Have a nice fortnight

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