2.1.54 select() bites diald [Re: negative TTL under 2.1.54,2.1.55]

Janos Farkas (Janos.Farkas-#vLfPkj5DWutEBLg.lmr2zlKFecy@shadow.banki.hu)
Thu, 11 Sep 1997 14:33:30 +0200

On 1997-09-10 at 13:37:54, Shaw Carruthers wrote:
> Under kernels 2.1.54 & 2.1.55 Diald will not operate my line correctly.
> The Diald queue shows packets with increasing negative TTL. All was ok
> under 2.1.52.

Hmm.. I didn't see "negative TTLs", but diald really didn't work with
54-55, and now I now it's because diald depended on the linux flavored
select() too; and Linus changed select() to behave like in traditional
Unixen, and so diald have problems waking up. It's quite easy to fix,
but a bit ugly, so I'd rather tell Eric that. :)

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