NR_SUPER - limits on this? (2.0.x)

David Monro (
Thu, 11 Sep 1997 22:16:53 +1000 (EST)

Just discovered that I can't mount more than 64 filesystems without tweaking
<linux/fs.h> and increasing NR_SUPER. As far as I can tell this just is used
for sizing an array, so I should be able to make it pretty large without
causing problems other than memory wastage - anything known to the contrary?
I'll probably try 256 for now. Perhaps we could make it settable like NR_INODE
and friends? (This is 2.0.30; I haven't got a source tree for 2.1 around to
check if it has been done already there).


(Why do I want to mount more than 64 filesystems? Well, the machine in question
has 12 local ones, plus it uses amd to mount other servers on demand. These are
mostly running slowaris, so they export each filesystem separately. On of these
server has 20 filsystems, and we have a bunch of others with 8 to 10 each.
Doesn't take long to hit the 64 barrier...)