Re: CONFIG_SMP patch available for 2.1.54

David Woodhouse (
Thu, 11 Sep 1997 11:04:42 +0100 said:
> Janos Farkas wrote:

> > There should probably be a way to move the module versioning into
> the link stage. In the worst case, it would then cause relinking all
> modules (or "re-hinting" them with versions), it looks much more
> reasonable than recompiling most of the kernel because of a dummy
> change in an essential file.

> I think so too. I've tried to design a system without .ver files and
> I can't quite get it to work.

What about keeping versions separately in the kernel's symbol table? So it's
keeping tuples of (address, name, version) rather than (address,

Then the only object file that gets changed when the version of a label is
changed is the one which holds its entry in the symtab. One fairly simple
modification to the modutils and to the syscall, and we have it.

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