Re: Console mapping problems? [I hear about these - I wanna know!]

Martin Mares (
Thu, 11 Sep 1997 09:33:58 +0200


> Unfortunately, font reloading requires knowledge about the hardware. All
> I know about are:
> VGA - walk lightly - some cards aren't very nice (Trident 8900)
> [tested my code in S3-805,Trident 8900C/D,9660,S3-Trio64V+]
> - based on svgalib + XFree86 + vgadocs + demosources

Not so simple as it looks as some cards use non-standard font layout
for some modes (S3 high-speed text modes).

> TGA - a snap. This is a graphical card - as a result the kernel
> does text here
> MDA - the (I've never seen one) text-only display for IBM-PC
> CGA(/EGA?) - no font remapping... Assume IBM-PC chars
> Hercules - no font remapping... Assume IBM-PC chars

Hercules Plus has font remapping.

> Alright, already <g>.. But ARE there any problems with the 8bit -> Unicode
> -> console mappings?

AFAIK there are none except for the table reloading issues I mentioned.

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