Re: 2.0.31pre9 and aic7xxx

Doug Ledford (
Wed, 10 Sep 1997 17:16:36 -0500

> I write:
> >I applied pre-patch-2.0.31-9. My (PCI)
> >aic7xxx controller no longer seems to allow IRQ sharing; this worked with
> >kernel 2.0.29. The other device using the IRQ line is an ncr8xx.
> Ah, I see. I guess this is a feature, rather than a bug - the driver doesn't
> use the SA_INTERRUPT flag any more. Tch.
> p.

On roughly line 357, the #define AIC7XXX_OLD_ISR_TYPE is commented out.
Uncomment this, and it will share interrupts with your ncr scsi controller.
The reason for the change is that the ISR can take a significant amount of
time during an interrupt as it does its completion processing, so this flag
really shouldn't be used, plus it was conflicting with a lot of ethernet
card drivers that wanted to share the interrupt (tulip most notably).

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