Re: smbfs status report

Bill Hawes (
Wed, 10 Sep 1997 17:12:36 -0400

After a considerable amount of hacking I've got smbfs working again
under 2.1.55. It still has a number of problems, but I can copy and
delete kernel source trees, and a diff -ru gets most of the way through
before the connection dies.

For some reason I get a "dont_catch_keepalive: server->data_ready ==
NULL" message, and the connection is dead after that. Unmounting and
remounting appears to succeed, but any access to the smbfs volume
returns an error. Any idea as to what might cause the data_ready ==

Putting in a call to shrink the dcache after 100+ open files seemed to
help, so I'm assuming there's some open file limit, either on the Linux
side or on the SMB server (NT 4.0 in this case.)

I'll do a little more clean-up and post a patch-in-progress for anyone
that wants to help track down the remaining problems.