Re: Console mapping problems? [I hear about these - I wanna know!]

Martin Mares (
Wed, 10 Sep 1997 21:57:49 +0200


> Also would be very expensive in terms of kernel memory.

Yes. Maybe we should offer a bit more global maps and only select from
them locally. Should be sufficient and it's less expensive.

> Well there is escape sequences (very easy to emulate, works across
> telnet etc.; disadvantage: makes it easy to utterly scramble someone
> else's console.) That is a reasonable thing to do if it is
> per-console.


> If we want a more "out-of-band" solution I suggest creating a
> libconsole which maps to ioctl() for the kernel console; X and other
> user-space solutions can use sockets or X resources or whathaveyou to
> communicate. This separates the API from the IPC method used.

Or extend some of the standard libraries (ncurses?) or finally decide
to write a _good_ terminal access library (some time ago, I wrote a skeleton
of my own terminal library having much better optimizations than ncurses)
supporting this interface, too.

> > 5 - UTF8.
> UTF-8 is not a map; it plugs directly into the Unicode layer. The
> 8-bit maps are maps from 8-bit charsets to Unicode.

Yes, it isn't a map in the original meaning of the word, but it's in fact
another mechanism mapping a stream of 8-bit codes to Unicode.

> Actually, the Latin-1 table in the kernel, selectable with ESC ( B is
> fine, but the ISO 2022 codes for other charsets should be honoured,
> and Latin-1 shouldn't be the automatic default.


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