Re: CONFIG_SMP patch available for 2.1.54

Martin Mares (
Wed, 10 Sep 1997 10:59:18 +0200


> As far as I remember, this is considered a good idea, but noone took
> the stomach to tweak every file just to see that Linus came out with a
> new patchlevel in the meantime.. :) Another idea that would appeal
> most, is a modification to mkdepend, or perhaps a separate development
> tool to check if all the #include <..../config/xxxx.h> files are there
> for the referenced CONFIG_ variables. This is all quite doable, IMHO.
> It might also work perfectly for CONFIG_SMP too.

It would be IMHO better to #include a global file with all options,
but have _dependencies_ based on presence of CONFIG_... in the files.
This would simplify maintaining the source a lot (no need to keep track
of which config/... files to include) and also speed up the compilation.

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