Re: Adaptec driver broken on 2740T

Chris Radek (
09 Sep 1997 22:02:49 -0500

On Sun, 7 Sep 1997, "Steven N. Hirsch" <> writes:

> I have bad news. The adaptec aic7xxx driver in Linux 2.0.31-pre-9 is
> broken for my EISA bus 2740T controller. It seems to scan the drives on
> bus A properly, then goes into an endless loop of kernel paging errors and
> scsi resets when attempting to scan bus B (which has nothing on it, BTW).

Unfortunately I'm seeing the same behavior with 2.0.31-pre-9. I also
have an EISA 2740-Twin with the B bus empty. This is on a mixed
SCSI/IDE SMP system.

Exact transcript available upon request. (I'll have to wire up a serial
console or something - it scrolls lots of stuff, and quickly.)

For now I've copied aic7xxx* from 2.0.30 and I am having no problems.

I'll be happy to work with anyone interested to help get this going for
2.0.31. As Steve reports, the system is solid otherwise, so far (even
with SMP.)