Re: Memory leaking

Mike Civil (
9 Sep 1997 20:06:56 GMT

In article <>,
Alan Cox <> wrote:
>2.1.54 after a day is showing
>Mem used 14332 free 364 shared 3972 buffers 136 cached 2572
>Buffers 11624
>Performance is visibly worse than from straight boot

Seconded. Since 2.1.52 a find / -type f (around 80k files) will cause the box
to become unusable with kswapd running at around 20% and thrashing the swap
disk. As above, all memory seems used up in the kernel, ie no process is
accumulating it.

VT switching and <key>-Scroll-lock works OK however interactive performance
abruptly dives to around the 1 char per 2 minute mark. It's then BRS time.

This is with 32MB. I now have updatedb turned off:))

If anybody needs any other info or tests run then please shout.


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