Re: patch for 2.1.54 fs/inode.c -- please test!

Mike Civil (
9 Sep 1997 20:38:08 GMT

In article <>, Bill Hawes <> wrote:
>I've attached a patch that provides consistent inode cleanup and
>improves inode memory management, and would like to ask for people to
>give it a test. It seems to be quite effective at balancing memory
>committed to inodes (and indirectly to the dcache.)


This fixes the problem I was seeing. However, the following is triggered :-

>+ if (tmp != &inode_unused) {
>+ printk("got one\n");

I get about 70 printk's for around 80k files. Is this expected ?

BTW, subsequent runs of `find /` take 19sec on a 486/33 - pretty impressive.



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