Re: Still no-go on 2742T

Doug Ledford (
Tue, 09 Sep 1997 08:56:15 -0500

> All,
> I tried Doug's one-liner to select channel B, and the only change is an
> extra stanza of debugging information (I was previously seeing only the
> section with flags == 0x401):
> Abort reset flags 0x401
> while idle, LASTPHASE=0x1
> SEQADR=0x6 <-----
> SSTAT0=0x5
> SSTAT1=0x0
> Abort reset flags 0x441
> while idle, LASTPHASE=0x1
> SEQADR=0x5 <-----
> SSTAT0=0x5
> SSTAT1=0x0
> Now what?

Boot the kernel with aic7xxx=verbose in the lilo config file, eg:

Also, go into the source code, in the function aic7xxx_queue(), in the line
that says:
printk(KERN_INFO "Scanning channel A\n");

or whatever the exact line is, switch the printk(); to a panic(); so that it
stops the system, then get me the full boot messages from the driver
(everything from the 274x found at EISA slot ..... to the Scanning channel
messages, as exact as possible). Since it will be doing the panic() with
interrupts on, the Shift-PgUp/PgDn keys should still work in case anything
has scrolled off of the screen.

Make sure that you have a backup kernel in your lilo config that you can
boot to after this (I always keep a rescue kernel in my config so when I'm
working on the driver I don't have to worry about two bad kernels in a row
wiping out my linux and linux.old kernels) and then you can go back to it
after you get the messages for me. I've looked at *every* single outb()
instruction in the source code, and right now, I'm not seeing the cause.
Those messages should help me find it (by the messages I will be able to
tell what flags are getting set on the controller and when).

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