Re: 2.1.54 PCI probe locks laptop

Martin Mares (
Tue, 9 Sep 1997 15:38:05 +0200


> all of the linux kernels I tried (2.0.0 to 2.1.54) locks my new
> laptop when probing the PCI config. I traced the problem to a PCI bridge
> named "Silicon Integrated 5107", and to the probing of bus number 1.
> A small patch to the probe sequence, disabling the probing of any subordinate
> bus, did solve the problem fine. I'm not a PCI guru however, and won't
> go much farther. It's very possible that the BIOS itself
> (SystemSoft SIS-510X) is broken.
> I don't give the details yet to stay short, most of you probably
> are not interested in that probably marginal problem. I await direct
> mails from others.

What is the last message written by the 2.1.54 kernel?

Please try switching the PCI BIOS config switch in 2.1.54 off. This should
make Linux touch the hardware directly.

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