Re: CONFIG_SMP patch available for 2.1.54

Bill Hawes (
Tue, 09 Sep 1997 11:56:14 -0400

David Woodhouse wrote:
> This will save me an awful lot of time on the all-too-frequent occasions when
> I forget to edit the Makefile before compiling a new kernel. I've built SMP
> kernels for other peoples' machines, and I've built uniprocessor kernels for
> my own. Once I ran my machine on a single CPU for a week before I noticed!

I've been puzzled for a while with the discussion of __SMP__ and
CONFIG_SMP. Do some uni-processor machines have a problem with SMP
kernels? I've been running mine (P133, 32M, ASUS P55T2P4 MB, EIDE HD)
with SMP-compiled kernels for months without problems.

AFAIK, the kernel does a fine job of treating one processor as a special
case of SMP. Unless there's a problem on some architectures, why can't
we just do away with the Uni/SMP distinction?