Re: NFS bug (2.1.42..2.1.48)

Claus-Justus Heine (
08 Aug 1997 00:05:13 +0200

Alex Priem <> writes:

> Claus-Justus Heine writes:
> >I use 2.1.48 with my private patches to swap via NFS, root FS via NFS,
> >everything else via NFS.
> Have you got bootp also working? My 2.1.48 kernel isn't very responsive
> to bootp & rarp requests.

I'm using etherbott-3.<something>. The newest version uses the
netboot-<something> package. I think that the etherboot+netboot
package decodes all bootp parameters and places them in the command
line of the kernel, so I can't really tell whether the KERNEL decodes
the bootp answers right, but: yes, I'm using the client machine with a
bootprom and bootp, and it works quite well. My setup:

8MB VL Bus board, without keyboard, without monitor and graphic card,
without harddisk. There's only a floppy drive which isn't used for
booting, and of course the network card, some ne2k clone, with a
bootprom installed. Ok, just checked it out, I'm using etherboot 3.01,
which in turn uses netboot-0.5.3.

My kernel is a 2.1.48, with hacked support for Miquel's "kmon" kernel
monitor, and the ability to swap via NFS, which made some changes to
the networking code necessary (and the general page allocation levels)