Re: Usenet gateway?

Paul Schmidt (
Thu, 7 Aug 1997 15:37:24 -0500 (EST)

Erik Andersen wrote:
>Just a thought.
>is a complete read-only mailing list archive in html format that
>anybody can read.
>anybody can read. In fact, rather than using USENET and get the
>usual barage of "Free XXX picts at ..." rubbish, I have turned
>to using the mailing list archives at
> When I want to browse a
>list I am not subscribed to. I think others can live
>with this approach for read only access, since it works.

True, *IF* you're connected to the net. I get the digest form
of the list here at work; and (when it was available), read
the Usenet version at home.

Why the usenet version? I run 'suck' and a copy of innd on my
Linux box at home; the threading from the news reader is really
nice, and article expiration is useful to see a brief history
of a discussion without having to delete messages manually when
they get old. If I were to use the web version, I'd also need to
have the PPP connection up whenever reading the list (I've only
got one phone line; 'suck' lets me minimize the off-hook time).

I understand the "don't publish my E-mail address on Usenet"
attitude. I've resorted to the non-machine-readable From: line
on Usenet to avoid SPAM, and it's a pain in the backside for
E-mail responses.

But for me, a web interface isn't a good alternative... and
sooner or later, the web-searching E-mail address harvesters
will find it anyway, just as they will the archive listings.

One of these days, I may get around to setting my POP client
up to post messages to my inn daemon (whenever my ISP's POP
server doesn't trash it, that is), and subscribe to the list
at home. But the NNTP route was so much easier.

Maybe a non-propogating NNTP server for the list would keep
everybody happy, using authentication if needed to inhibit

Provided, of course, it doesn't cause Dave too much grief.
By the way, I'll use this as an opportunity to express my
appreciation to Dave and the others involved in keeping the
list up: many thanks! I'm sure you all will find an adequate


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