Re: The Slab Allocator (Was: Re: New dcache not using slab allocator?)

Kristian =?ISO-8859-1?Q?K=F6hntopp?= (DELETETHIS.KRIS@KOEHNTOPP.DE)
Thu, 7 Aug 97 20:40 MET DST

In netuse.lists.linux-kernel you write:
> The Slab Allocator: An Object-Caching Kernel Memory Allocator
> Jeff Bonwick (Sun Microsystems).
> Presented at: USENIX Summer 1994 Technical Conference

>Most university libraries supporting a nearby computer science
>department will carry the "Proceedings of the USENIX Technical
>Conference". That's where I got my copy.

Usenix articles can also be obtained from the USENIX online
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