Re: Msdos name alias patch for 2.1.48

Ingo Molnar (
Thu, 7 Aug 1997 20:23:31 +0200 (MET DST)

On Thu, 7 Aug 1997, Linus Torvalds wrote:

> On Thu, 7 Aug 1997, Ingo Molnar wrote:
> >
> > But probably this is not a RL problem, WABI, Wine and DosEMU seems to
> > translate such names to canonic form anyway, as Linux passes file names in
> > lower case chars back currently.
> Note that there is a very simple fix for all this, that I'd certainly
> like. Does anybody _really_ hate the following (yeah, I know, everybody
> but me probably hates it):
> - no name aliases. None. Nada.
> - "readdir()" always returns a canonical name
> - "lookup()" accepts only the canonical name
> - "create()" (mkdir/create/etc) only accepts canonical names

ack, just found something that breaks: unzip on MSDOS ZIP files generates
upper case names.

We could actually solve this in user-space, by passing back -ENONCANONIC
instead of -ENOENT, then libc can go and retry with a canonic version of
the same string. [because libc now _really_ knows that there is a
problem]. Only MSDOS FS is allowed to pass -ENONCANONIC back.

breaks older libcs+a few binaries.

-- mingo