Re: pre-2.0.31 & triton.c

Gadi Oxman (
Thu, 7 Aug 1997 17:57:01 +0400 (IDT)

On Wed, 6 Aug 1997, Troy de Jongh wrote:

> Well, at first I thought I was gonna end up patching the i430TX support
> from the 2.1.x kernel into my 2.0.x kernel. But I'm glad to see that
> there are already plans to support the TX chipset in the 2.0.31 patch.
> But, I'm curious...shouldn't some of the changes to triton.c (e.g support
> for the 82371AB) be included in the 2.0.31 prepatch? I noticed that the
> 2.0.31-3 prepatch includes changes to ide.c, pci.c, and pci.h for the
> i430TX chipset, but the changes for triton.c to support the i430TX
> chipset aren't there.

I was lazy to correctly update the cosmetical timing printk() output in
the 2.0.x version, since the 2.0.x version is not displaying the chipset
timing by default (DISPLAY_TRITON_TIMING is undefined).

As for the actual operation, the Ultra-DMA 33 mode of the 82371AB is
not supported yet. For the operation of other DMA modes, the 82371AB
is backward compatible with the 82371SB and 82371FB chipsets.