Re: Usenet gateway?

Colin Plumb (
Wed, 6 Aug 97 16:48:09 MDT

Christopher Lameter <> wrote:
> Please confirm that you really intend to go against what I think is a
> big group of linuxers needs. What you are doing is blackmail.

No it's not; they're his marbles and he can pick them up and go home
any time he bloody well likes. He can do it for a good reason, for
a bad reason, or no reason at all. Offering, as he did, to turn over
the list to someone else is a courtesy which I appreciate and removes
any taint of arbitrariness or irresponsibility from his actions.

Dave has limits on what he wants to do. He's run the list for a long
time and knows what makes life hard on the list and on the list maintainer.
If he doesn't want to do those things, that's his right. I happen
to respect his opinion enough to think that his decision is a *good*
thing for the list, whether implemented by him or someone else.

But regardless, it isn't blackmail to offer to do exactly what
you proposed:

> In that case I think we cannot cooperate any further and I will shut down
> everything I am running for you.

Dave's words exactly. Just written by you.

	-Colin, who'd rather be hacking kernels.