Fwd: Re: buffer cache patches - anybody willing to summarize?

Manuel J. Galan (manolow@step.es)
Wed, 6 Aug 1997 20:28:34 +0100 (WET DST)

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> Jeff Wiegley <wiegley@usc.edu> writes:
>> But, since the main purpose of 2.1.X -> 2.2/3.0 is the inclusion of
>> proper and complete SMP support, I don't think that any SMP patches
>> should be considered for the 2.0 tree. Only if they fix a gross security
>> SMP in 2.0 is ALPHA code, use at your own risk. If you really

SMP is (IMHO) one of the _best features_ of Linux2.

I use 2.0-SMP for a news+http_ftp_proxy in a Tyan dual pentium and it
makes a _big_ difference (2 200Mhz pentium work _much_ better than
a single 200 PPro)

I use 2.1-SMP at home and I can see the _big improvements_ in SMP
handling in 2.1 series... Keep on this _fine_ work!

For Linux, SMP is a _big win_, just go & ask all those ***BSD folks...

Manuel J. Galan

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