pre-2.0.31 & triton.c

Troy de Jongh (
Wed, 6 Aug 1997 14:11:00 -0500 (CDT)

Well, at first I thought I was gonna end up patching the i430TX support
from the 2.1.x kernel into my 2.0.x kernel. But I'm glad to see that
there are already plans to support the TX chipset in the 2.0.31 patch.

But, I'm curious...shouldn't some of the changes to triton.c (e.g support
for the 82371AB) be included in the 2.0.31 prepatch? I noticed that the
2.0.31-3 prepatch includes changes to ide.c, pci.c, and pci.h for the
i430TX chipset, but the changes for triton.c to support the i430TX
chipset aren't there.

I'm willing to test any prepatches that include 82371AB support on my
K6-233 (Shuttle Hot-565 MB) system. I'm currently unable to keep the
stock RedHat 4.1 kernel (2.0.27) running for more than a half-hour without
82371AB support (the system resets at random periods of time during disk
access; usually within 10 minutes of booting). At least I *hope* that's
the problem. The system runs fine under Windows95 with the PIIX4 driver
from Intel's web site.