Re: A personal Linux 2.1.x feature wish list

Martin Mares (
Wed, 6 Aug 1997 11:09:28 +0200


> * Please, *pretty please* :*) make the noblink patch a standard
> part of Linux. This is perhaps the only custom patch that some
> of us apply to our standard kernels. This patch transforms the
> annoying blinking feature into a solid cursor which is more
> visible and more pleasant on the eyes. Even FreeBSD has a solid
> cursor for a default! Before you ask me; no, I haven't the
> slightest clue where the latest version of noblink for the 2.1.x
> kernels is.

A completely new cursor enhancement patch has been written by Pavel Machek
and will be probably released today.

> * A high-speed parallel port Iomega Zip driver is needed! I believe
> there's one at It's called
> the curtin driver, or something like that. It's compatible with
> the parport support available in Linux 2.1.x. The author even
> claims that it's more stable than the Iomega driver included in
> the standard kernels!

AFAIK it's already in...

Have a nice fortnight

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