Re: Parport vs. parport_pc [2.1.48]

Philip Blundell (
Tue, 05 Aug 1997 21:46:15 -0000

>Having just come from a bit of a battle with the new parport stuff, it
>would appear that, if "PC-Style Hardware" (parport_pc) is enabled and
>used as a module, the dependencies of lp, ppa etc. are incorrect; e.g. -
>modprobing "lp" causes "parport" to be loaded, but not "parport_pc".
>A manual hack of modules.dep, or a forced modprobe for parport_pc fixes
>the problem, but both are somewhat inelegant.

We've just been through this on the linux-parport list. This is indeed the
case; we're working on a proper solution. Be patient.

Incidentally, the dependencies aren't _incorrect_, in that lp doesn't depend
on parport_pc in a technical sense. They're just unhelpful in that they don't
really capture the semantics you want (and that I agree are fairly desirable).