Re: which ISDN devices work with Linux?

Henning Schmiedehausen (
5 Aug 1997 18:32:28 +0200 (Robert L Harris) writes:

>> I'm wandering If anyone can tell me for sure which ISDN Internal
>> cards work with Linux, I'm not too worried about price, but maybe a list
>> of them would be great?
>> Thanks,
>> Alex

>You might want to consider external otherwise it uses 2 IRQ's (One for each
>channel) whew external only uses the 1 for the com-port. Plus you don't
>have to do anything special to your kernel...

I've used (to date:)


Teles 8/0 Teles-Driver 1 IRQ - Problems on some Pentium Boards
Teles 16/0 Teles-Driver 1 IRQ - ok, no longer sold
Teles 16/3 HiSax-Driver 1 IRQ - ok, I would recommend this card
Fritz! HiSax-Driver 1 IRQ - ok, little experience, seems stable


ICN-2B ICN Driver no IRQ - fine card but too expensive
ICN-4B ICN Driver no IRQ - same as above

As you see, you need an IRQ per board, not per channel. The active ICN
boards need no IRQ at all, I know of ISPs with 19" Slot CPU boards,
using 6 ICN 4B (12x ISDN S0 for a total of 24 channels) in one

All tests above with german ISDN (S0 bus), Euro and national (1TR6)
protocol, some tests with leased line (HiSax and ICN).

Kernel: I would recommend 2.0.29 with the 2.0.30A patch from

Kind regards

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