Re: 3com 905 driver still missing from 2.0.31 prepatch

Christof Damian (
Tue, 05 Aug 1997 13:44:06 +0100

Chris Evans wrote:
> On Tue, 5 Aug 1997, Carlo E. Prelz wrote:
> > The 31 pre-patch did not substitute the drivers/net/3c59x.c driver
> > (version 0.25) with a more recent one that deals with newer 3c90x cards.
> > The latest driver (v0.42) can be found at
> >
> >
> Ah but how stable is 0.42? 0.40 and 0.41 were a bit of a disaster I'm
> afraid. The version of 3c59x.c in 2.0.31-pre2 is the only version I've
> ever used that has been stable for our setup here.

I am using a 3c905 with 0.42 and manualy set vp->full_bus_master_tx=0,
this seems to work allright.

I also used 0.42 without modifications, sometimes it hangs, but it tries
to recover (and always does after some seconds).

Is there a place where I could get the 3c59x.c from the old 2.0.31-pre2
without needing to use the patch ? Is there a web page to support that
version ?

I also think it might be good to separate the 3c90x.c from 3c59x.c. I
know that they both can use the same driver, but I think the 3c59x.c
cards work with the 3c59x.c driver from the 2.0.30 kernel and most of
the recent updates on the driver are only for the 3c90x cards. Also
there might be a 3c90x only driver in the future (if 3com publishes the
information about the cards). And it is easier to explain to the people
("if you have a 3c90x card use the 3c90x.c driver").

There is a driver for 3c90x in the new RedHat Releases (4.2 ?), which
driver do they use ?


Christof Damian /