Serial Driver does not work in my linux 2.01.47 for 33.6 modem

Tue, 05 Aug 1997 07:02:31 -0400

Dear Programmers:

I have been trying Linux 2.01.47. I have a Motorola 33.6 modem that
works well with 2.0.29 and Windows 95. I have not beeb able to get it
to work with Serial Driver included with 2.01.47 . I
started with Caldera lite 2.0.29 and added the Changes required. Ld
1.9.2 libc 5.4.33 binutils etc.

The new kernel detects the modem on ttyS0 irq4 (same as windows 94) as
well as on motherboard serial ttyS2. cat /proc/devices list cua. It
does seem to dial when I: echo ATDT##... to it. But the cursor locks
in minicom or when using dip after opening credits. It does not send
any resposes to the screen. The
parallel port works to print to and awe64 lowlevel sound driver works
cant get modem. Using AMD 166mhz intel vx chipset with 64mb edo ram
internal. Not using extended serial drivers just basic. ISAPNP seems
to configure load modem fine. Modem 16550 uart detected at bootup

What do I do next should I install/reinstall something, look for a
patch, make some Makefile changes and recompile. Does driver have bug
or is it something dirty lurking in my system? I would appreciate any
help or suggestions you have. Note I dont have a lot of programming
experience so please detail any
hints or suggestions you have.

Tim Whitehouse