Re: Networking shafted [was Re: buffer patch blah blah]

Alan Cox (
4 Aug 1997 20:50:12 -0500

> Hmm. totally shafted? just that?

o TCP randomly leaks memory in 2.0.30 for no known reason - not
occuring in 2.0.29
o /proc/net/* Oops erratically. Trying to pin this down seems
bh_atomic isnt. Not occuring in 2.0.29
o TCP can get trapped spamming the network with packets. Not occuring
in 2.0.29
* tcpdumping a transparent proxy floods the network with wrong packets
also in 2.0.2x
o Appletalk panics with a localtalk device loaded. Also in 2.0.2x
* Dumping a masquerading ipip tunnel crashes the machine. Also in 2.0.2x
o Bridging leaks memory in 2.0.30 even tho the same code does not in
o Random tcp crashes under high connection load irrespective of
syn-cookies/rst-cookies - looks like the hash is a problem. Not in
o Occasional oopses caused by timer list corruption when handling
fragmentation bombs. No apparent cause. Doesn't occur in 2.0.29
o Transparent proxy redirections are broken. Working in 2.0.29
* PPP memory scribble - Eric has found this one
o Memory leak with multicasting enabled in 2.0.30 - not in 2.0.29
but I can't duplicate this one yet.

And a few others. The ones marked "*" are fixed

> What about the huge usage of kernel stack of the AHA29xx driver?
> Fixed in new release of the driver, or still the same ?

Its supposed to be fixed, I don't run AHA29xx cards