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Peter T. Breuer (
Mon, 4 Aug 1997 20:18:27 +0200 (MET DST)

Thank you very much for your prompt reply (I think this topic is of
general interest, so I am posting the edited reply).

"A month of sundays ago Gordon Chaffee wrote:"
> Peter T. Breuer writes:
> > Can you tell me if your patch [joliet + fat32] allows one to use
> > umsdos over fat32, and
> > what one has to do ...? What I am looking to do is attack the new
> > machines that are being delivered with 1G fat32 systems {...]
> You can find uvfat at
> However, I don't think that patch works with fat32. It probably
> would be pretty easy to adapt, however.

I'll be having a look at it. I am getting no response from their ftp
server at the moment, tho'.

> > The alternative is an nfs mounted root, or ramdisk root.
> These might be more stable alternatives. You can still use umsdos
> as the root partition after installing the fat32 patch. It just
> won't save the filenames as vfat long filenames, and you wouldn't
> be able to access the Win95 names as vfat filenames. However, it
> would allow you to get things going for now.

OK - I translate this to mean "everything will work right if I try
using a umsdos root over a fat32 FS when the fat32 patch is in the
kernel" (I don't care how the names look to windows,
long as linux sees them right!)

> - Gordon

Thanks again.

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