Re: buffer cache patches - anybody willing to summarize?

Jeff Wiegley (
Mon, 04 Aug 1997 10:52:02 -0700

Harald Koenig wrote:
> On Aug 03, Linus Torvalds wrote:
> > List of patches currently applied to my tree:
> > - axp math bits by Richard Henderson
> > - init_tty patch by Bill Hawes
> drivers/net/tulip.c needs an update to support a number of recent cards/chips.

NO! I have to say I agree with Linus...

Linus: just fix the buffer cache problem please! This seems to be the
bug that is causing all the lock-ups and memory oops and such.

if people *really* need a driver update they can do one of two things:

1) ask the driver maintainer for the latest stable driver patch against
2.0.31 when it is released, or...

2) go purchase hardware that is known to be supported.

I almost don't think driver updates are even appropriate at all for the
2.0 tree. Security and fatal bug fixes *only*. other than that 2.0
supports what it supports and you should wait for 2.2/3.0 to include new
hardware support.

The Windows people who use to getting the latest driver updates with
their hardware have to look at linux a different way. Drivers are
developed and distributed as part of a kernel. if the kernel version
doesn't have some support then you need to wait for the next kernel
version to get new drivers, or use a development kernel.

adding new support and features to 2.0 just gets us back into more bugs
to fix for 2.0. One fo the great things about linux is that 2.0 is
(supposed to be) so incredibly stable. My dad thinks his MS-Windows
machine only locking up once a month is a great thing. The only time my
linux machine reboots is to change kernels (and when my cats yank out
the power cord).

- Jeff

> here we need at least tulip-0.76 (which is included pre-2.0.31-2) for our
> LANTRONIX 100 Mbit cards using DEC 21140-AE chips.
> I read that there is a driver version 0.78 available now, but I've not
> tested it myself (but according to reports on the tulip mailing list
> it's required for some more recent cards...)
> information can be found on Donald Becker's web page
> 0.78 driver should be available at least from
> (haven't saved any other real ftp address, sorry).
> Harald
> PS: thanks a lot for starting work again on 2.0.31 !!
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