My Applogies and Updated

Cameron Bean (
Mon, 04 Aug 1997 09:42:43 -0700

I inadvertantly sent email regarding X to the kernel listserv, I think. So
I thought I'd drop an appology to the kernel listserv community.

Also, to continue the discussion of the Updated daemon, I wanted to thank
all whom replied. Quite an overwhelming response. It appears that there
are mixed opinions of whether updated is really necessary or not. Some
think it no longer needed on account of kflushd, yet others feel it should
remain running to prevent filesystem corruption. Which reminds me, I have
read through the man page for updated and all it said was "flush filesystem
buffers." It should have occured to me that flush, in kernel terms, does
not mean to simply flush the toilet. It's amusing how the meaning of words
can be misinterpreted on account of multiple definitions behind a single
word. Thanks again for the clarification.

Cameron Bean