Re: patch for race in do_unlink

Linus Torvalds (
Mon, 4 Aug 1997 09:34:59 -0700 (PDT)

On Mon, 4 Aug 1997, Bill Hawes wrote:
> I've attached a patch for 2.1.47 to fix a race involving unlinking.
> It's possible for one process to have unlinked an inode (yielding a
> negative dentry) while another one is proceeding to unlink the same
> object. The second one results in a call to ext2_unlink with a NULL
> inode, leading to unhappiness of the oops variety.
> I think the correct fix is to regard unlinking a negative dentry as a
> no-op, as in the patch, but maybe it's an error condition?

It should be an error condition, I do believe. ENOENT.

> Also, I'm reviewing my 2.0.30 patches and will be forwarding a minimal
> fs/buffer.c patch shortly. Do you have a time frame in mind for 2.0.31
> yet? If possible I'd like to resolve some problems in kernel/dup_mmap
> in time for the release.

I was hoping to have a "final pre-patch" within a week at the most, and
let people play with it before I release it for real.