Re: stress testing and loadavg

Dominik Kubla (
Sun, 03 Aug 1997 20:05:55 +0200

>>>>> David S Miller writes:

> The problem is that our scheduler is linear, ie. nr_running ==
> complexity of the task selection, every single task switch. 8-(

Well i just tested 2.0.30 with the QNX-style scheduler (1.05) and
found it to handle 50 looping bash-scripts, 1 gnuchess and a simple
X-Session (Server, xterm, fvwm2) and still reacting instantaneous to
input on another virtual terminal. The load was >56. Not bad for a
Pentium-100... I am now giving it a try on my old 4 MB 386 and my
233MHz Multia, to see how much load they can handle... This time i will
use the program you posted.

The adaptive scheduling of the new scheduler is really a neat feature.


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