2.1.48-2 upgrading libc's...

linux kernel account (linker@nightshade.ml.org)
Sat, 2 Aug 1997 08:46:58 -0400 (EDT)

I was attempting to upgrade libc's on one of my two 4.1.48-2 test
computers (This was on my uniprocessor one), and It crashed and burned..
Yes, I understand that upgrading libc's on a live system is dangerous..
but I've done it several times before..

Anyways, I was untarring the new libc on top of the old one and ever
interactive program hung.. Daemons keept going (sshd, smbd), but
everything interactive hung hard... I hit ctrl-alt-del and of couse,
nothing happened, but it didn't even look like it tried to fork off
shutdown... I went to press the power button and after I pushed it in I
got an opps on the screen.. I jumped up to see it and accidently let go of
the power.. I'll I saw was a Opps #0002... :(

I'll read the logs after I get it up later today.. I've got to run off to
work now, so I wont have a chance to get it back up until later..

Is this really a bug, or is this the new kernel showing me the error of my
ways? If this is a feature, I prefer the old behavior unless this increses
performance.. But maby there should be a warning in the docs.. Lots of
people upgrade libcs like that..

Gregory Maxwell