Re: modutils and Changes doc
Sat, 2 Aug 1997 07:43:29 +0000 (GMT)

On 1 Aug, Darin Johnson wrote:
> The Changes doc says that modutils-2.1.42 is needed, but
> modutils-2.1.34 seems to be the latest *commonly* available
> version (ie, that's what Debian has, sunsite, etc). Wondering

What a particular distribution has really doesn't concern me ;-).
In the case of Debian, that's a problem of whoever maintains that
package needing to update it, which is not my concern. As for not being
on sunsite, it's not like isn't very well-connected,
mirrored all over the world, etc.

> why .42 wasn't distributed more, I did a compare, and they're
> essentially identical, except for two ppc files (the makefile
> however doesn't use them).
> So why is .42 listed as required? Perhaps the doc should say .34?

Yeah, when I updated that I noticed that it didn't really change
anything. Here's why I updated it anyway: in general, I try to mention
the minimal version necessary of whatever package for it to work
correctly. However, some things are fairly closely related to the
kernel, and are developing quickly with the kernel (autofs, modutils,
etc.). For those, I try to mention the latest available, whether it
provides more functionality or not. Besides, some people do run Linux
on ppc....


Chris Ricker