Re: Scroll Lock

Vadim E. Kogan (
Fri, 01 Aug 1997 22:36:54 -0700

Dave Wreski wrote:
> > when I hit ScrollLock (or Ctrl-S) on tty1
> > #echo "test" > /dev/tty1
> > will hang. ^C/^Z won't work.
> > When I press ScrollLock (or Ctrl-Q) on tty1 - it prints test & other
> > console works again.
> > Is there reason for that?
> What exactly did you expect to happen? ScrollLock does exactly that.
> Ctrl-Q and Ctrl-S are flow control characters.
I whould expect tty1 to hang, but echo to work (just print that later)
or at least be *interruptable* - i.e. w/ ^C/^Z/kill.
BTW, echo is on different tty - I think that's clean.(How would I press
enter for echo if I already pressed ScrollLock? ;-) Oh yeah, one good
way it to make 99.99 load & press enter & hit ScrollLock *really* fast
before it will output "test" and then post stupid question to maillist
;-) )