[2.1.47] Lockup, no OOPS logged, screen saver activated

Richard A. Soderberg (root@dnsi.net)
Fri, 1 Aug 1997 12:16:47 -0700 (PDT)

Running 2.1.47 through the night, (1) CD-ROM mounted, e2fs mounted on
root, proc. Basic modules loaded for operation by kerneld..

isofs 14156 1 (autoclean)
ide-cd 14464 1 (autoclean)
cdrom 4888 0 (autoclean) [ide-cd]

Is the complete list.. everything else had been auto-unloaded before the
VESA power-down happened 10 minutes later (setterm -blank 10 or whatever).
I restored it once to finish a kernel compile, then logged out and left
the machine running (no reboot for the new kernel).

When I wake up 8 hours later and come in, I press Ctrl to kill the screen
saver, and I find that it has locked up. CD-ROM drive still locked, no
hard drive activity (spun down hours ago, I'd assume). No oops recorded,
screen powered down so I can't see the oops. Didn't think to try the
Alt-Sysrq thing, so after ctrl-alt-del a couple times did nothing (and the
hard drive is still spun down), I reset the computer and watched it start
up. not cleanly umounted, /dev/hda2, summary errors found (correct
summary? y). This time I'm going to remember to try the sysrq thing if it
locks up. Is there a way to slaughter the screen saver (blanker) to see
the oops when/if it happens?