Re: Comments (was: Re: PentiumII's.)

Domingos Parra Novo (
Fri, 1 Aug 1997 14:23:43 -0300 (EST)

On Fri, 1 Aug 1997, Matt Hawkins wrote:

Well, I use Xaccel 3.1 with a M$ compatible mouse, and it
works with cordmiddle(3 buttons). PS/2 mouses also does the work. I
can map my Brazilian ABNT 2(104-key) keyboard without any problems.
Try xmodmap(1) and xev(1), it works well for me.

> Vadim E. Kogan writes:
> True.. Xaccel run a _lot_ faster (I tried a demo the other day)
> however it suffers the same problem all commercial X servers for Linux
> seem to have - bad hardware support. With both Xaccel and MetroX I
> can only get two buttons on my mouse as it's a dual-protocol thing
> that needs the DTR line cleared to get into 3-button mode. XFree86
> has supported this as far back as I can remember, the commercial ones
> still don't. X with only 2 buttons? I don't think so...
> Also it's difficult/impossible to edit the keymap - I have a 104-key
> keyboard and want the "penguin" key instead of the Alt key to be Meta.
> XFree86 does this no problems. Bad luck if you have a commercial server.


  Domingos Parra Novo