Re: PentiumII's

Vadim E. Kogan (
Fri, 01 Aug 1997 09:13:52 -0700

Rob Hagopian wrote:
> Well, it can't do 5-1-1-1 at anything faster than 66Mhz, but no PPro
> boards that I have seen do more than 66Mhz. (according to spec. I presume
> that if you can push a motherboard faster than spec you can push the BEDO
> faster than spec)
I tried to make SuperMicro P6DNF faster... No result. But even if I
IT'S IMPOSSIBLE to make BEDO do 5-1-1-1 on >66Mhz as far as I

BTW, maybe somebody got any reply from SuperMicro about any jumpers? I
think I found bus speed & cpu/bus jumpers, but I found a lot of others I
couldn't understand.
Mail to SuperMicro didn't help. And for some reason I couldn't upgrade
BIOS 8-().