Re: PentiumII's

Antonio Dell'elce (
Fri, 01 Aug 1997 10:11:04 +0200

>Nah...DPT SmartRAID IV -- with 3 SCSI-Ultrawide busses :)

why not Fibre Channel?
does linux support it?

>>> 128MB ECC DIMM
>>Of Course

>What PPro/P-II MB supports DIMMs? All the new ones are Natoma
>chipset which only supports FPM/EDO/BEDO SIMMs...just from the spec
>sheets I've seen. There are a couple of P-II chipsets coming out
>soon that'll probably support SDRAM's, etc. (GX, LX)

> Where the heck does one get BEDO anyway? I cant find the stuff
> anywhere.

Think twice before buying BEDO.... and go to ...
It may help..

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