Re: Patch to Find the Address of a segv

Torbjorn Lindgren (
Thu, 31 Jul 1997 18:34:28 +0200 (MDT)

On Thu, 31 Jul 1997, William R. Dieter wrote:
> The interface is modeled after how Solaris 2 works. I suspect it is
> probably POSIX, but I am having trouble finding POSIX documentation
> locally. I think the si_addr field in the siginfo structure should be
> part of a union, but I'm not exactly sure what else needs to be there.

It's at least partially related to the kernel, and of general
interest so I decided to send it to linux-kernel in addition to
William R. Dieter directly.

The Open Group makes the online version of 'The Single Unix
Specification, Version 2' available freely on the Net from

(The Open Group is the current owner of the Unix trademark)

The Single Unix Specification, Version 2 is also known as Unix98, and
is the successor to POSIX, XPG4 (aka Unix95!) and Spec1170.

There are also some very interesting stuff under 'What is UNIX',
including API tables with information about which API's are available
from different standards, Command and utilities tables for different
standards, etc etc...

A cursory look through it found siginfo_t in signal.h, which provided
a list of required members, with some text and several tables that
provides more information about the requirements of siginfo_t.

There are probably more corners in both the kernel and supporting
utilities that should be checked against Unix98...

Torbjörn Lindgren
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