Re: PentiumII's.

Kurt Huwig (
Thu, 31 Jul 1997 12:32:50 +0200 (CST)

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On Wed, 30 Jul 1997, Joel Philip Jaeggli wrote:

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> > Last and least, the P-II just caches 64MB of RAM.
> Huh? The pentium II datasheet (24333502.pdf) explicitly says on page 4
> memeory is cacheable for up to 512mb of addressable memory space allowing
> significant headroom for business desktop systems. I hope that's the case
> cause I got one with 96mb

Sorry, sorry, I messed things up a lot. It caches up to 512MB. It was the
new Intel chipset that only cached 64MB...

(You should never read two articles at once :-( )