Re: glibc 2, Linux 2.x and the world of many patches!

Matthias Urlichs (
31 Jul 1997 11:46:23 +0200

Teunis Peters <> writes:
> Query : Why can't glibc have an asm/tree just like linux for
> system-specific inline optimizations? [it's not like this is hard to do
> or anything and the specific functions needed are MOST portable and stable
> :]
> It'd be nice if glibc could do pentium-memcpy :)
It has: it's called sysdeps/i386. Glibc 2.1 has/will have the option to
auto-preload a library with machine-specific optimizations, so that you can
compile glibc for i386+ and still get your Pentium memcpy.

> Umm - I know of no other lists than linux-kernel so I'm kinda, uh, posting
> here... Is there a way of finding out others? (I have no usenet <sigh>)
There's linux-gcc, and there's The latter is
strongly recommended if you want to participate in glibc mangling. ;-)